How To Plan A Movie Event For Your Child's Birthday Party

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Are you wanting to plan a movie event for your child's birthday party? What a great idea! The good thing about using movies as the main attraction for the party is that you won't have to worry about weather ruining the fun of an outdoor celebration. Besides, kids love movies. You won't even have to worry about coming up with games. Whether you decide to hold the birthday party at your home or whether you decide to go to the theater to watch an upcoming animated movie, here are some ideas that will help you plan a fun and memorable event.

The Invitations - Of course, you can email a cute invitation. However, there's just something special about getting mail. And, if that mail includes an invitation to a birthday party, that's just frosting-on-the-cake. Part of the fun for your child might be in the two of you making invitations together. One idea is to use construction paper that will look like a movie ticket. Another idea is to cut out a picture of the movie the kids are going to watch and to place it on the front of the invitation. 

An At-home Celebration - Fix the family room up to look like a movie theater, with posters of favorite movies hung on the walls. Give each child his own tray that will hold a drink and his or her own container of pop corn. Order a birthday cake with your child's picture on it and include words like Happy Birthday To The Star Of The Day! 

At The Movie Theater - With all of the great animated movies that will be showing now or in the near future, you have a lot of choices. If your child loves martial arts, Kung Fu Panda 3 would be a great selection. There's a great message in this movie, too. Kung Fu fights evil and, though there are trials along the way, goodness prevails. Is your child a pre-teen? Kids in that age group are sometimes having self-confidence issues and they may love Zootopia which demonstrates that winners can come in the form of a tiny squirrel, a tall giraffe, a cute female sheriff and everything in between. Kubo And The Two Strings is a great movie for kids of all ages. Kubo fights evil with the help of a magic suit of armor which, it turns out, was once worn by his deceased dad. 

Don't forget to ask for RSVPs so you'll have a pretty good idea of how many of your child's friends will be attending the birthday event. Visit Rotoscopers for more tips on choosing the right movie for your child's birthday party.