Include Stand Up Documentary In Your Next Library Event

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If one of your roles as a library worker is to plan special events, you might be looking for ideas for your next one. Maybe you have decided to focus on the world of comedy for the event. If so, think of giving the theme a name like Comedy Graces Your World or Laughter Makes Life Fun. 

Use a Stand-Up Documentary 

Consider showing a stand-up comedy documentary for part of the event. There are several that would be thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. Think about the following suggestions.

A documentary where several famous comedians share their personal insights on what their craft means to them and how they work through the creative process would be very interesting. In addition, these comedians will share the psychology of doing their work in front of live men and women.

Choose a stand-up documentary of a comedian who was especially popular in their day. Interviews between the comedian and another person, plus conversations with other celebrities will show the comedian in both their social life and in their professional life.

Maybe you always have a lot of women in your library group. If so, think of showing the comedy documentary that is based on a famous female comedian. This documentary will include the comedian's actual performances and her interesting stories of women finding their place in the world of stand-up comedy.

Honor a deceased comedian by showing a candid documentary which will include personal journals and home videos that will show them to be interesting, funny, and sad all at the same time. The documentary will include conversations with family members and friends, including other celebrities who knew them well. 

No matter which documentary you decide to show at the event, you will probably all agree that the comedians were very real people who had complex personalities.

Once You Finish the Documentary 

After you watch the documentary, think of having a time when those at your event can share their own insights into their favorite comedians. Funny movies could be discussed or even funny scenes from movies that weren't actual comedies could be pointed out. 

Find out if your local community college or your area university has an expert on movies and television. If you find the right person, think of inviting him or her to talk about the history of comedy in the world of entertainment. He or she might even show how comedians from other countries influenced American comedy. 

If you have trouble deciding on which documentary to select, find out which ones received special awards.