Tips for a Beginner Stand Up Comedian

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Have you always had a gift for making other people laugh? The ability to make people laugh is actually a good talent that can be turned into a profitable career. Making money as a comedian can be done using several methods, but you must first learn how to put on a good show in front of a crowd. Once you are able to grow a large fan base from your shows, other opportunities will come your way.Take a look at this article for suggestions on what you can do to turn your talent of humor into a career.

1. Watch a Documentary on Stand Up Comedians

Although you already have a talent for making people laugh, it is wise to get a few pointers from professionals in the industry. Making friends and family laugh might be a lot easier than standing in front of a crowd of strangers. A great way to learn more about the industry is to watch a documentary that is based on stand up comedians. For example, try to watch a documentary that shows what happens behind the scenes a comedians prepare for their shows. You should also pay attention to how professionals interact with the crowd to keep them interested in the show. To learn more about documentaries to watch, contact resources like Cooperstown Properties, LLC.

2. Plan to Put on a Small Show in the Beginning

When you are ready to jump into a career as a comedian, it is wise to ensure that your first show is small. You should basically test the waters to perfect your talent. For instance, rather than making your first show available to anyone who wants to attend, set a limit and require everyone to reserve their spot. In the beginning, you will likely feel more comfortable doing stand up comedy in front of a small crowd. Just ensure that there are a nice amount of people that you don't know sitting in the crowd, as it will help you get a realistic outlook on what other people think of your jokes and stage presence.

3. Take Your Talent on the Road 

If you want to grow a nice fan base and become known on a large scale, it is wise to take your stand up show on the road. Begin in your city to get used to the industry, but plan shows in different towns as soon as you can. Try to visit towns with a large population of people, as it will increase the chance of a satisfactory amount of people attending your shows. The wisest thing that you can do while out touring is to have promotional items available for people to purchase at your shows. Just remember that you are at the beginning of your career, so price the items at a low price for a higher chance of making sales.